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Buying a House in Edmonton

Buying a House in Edmonton

Edmonton Real Estate Buying Guide

Introduction to buying a home in Edmonton

Everyone wants to own a home in a prime location. In this article, our focus will be on Edmonton, Canada which is currently one of Canada’s most popular housing markets thanks to its prime homes and booming economy. With so many opportunities and attractions, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to Edmonton to buy homes.

It is however important to note that the real estate market in Edmonton is a bit more challenging compared to other markets in Canada and the World at large. For instance, it can be very tricky locating a home that suites all your needs. This is precisely why we have prepared this guide for you. Buying a home in Edmonton shouldn’t be a daunting task. Below are important steps to follow when you want to buy a home in Edmonton stress free.

Step 1: Discover the exact type/kind of home you want

This is the first most important step to consider when you want to buy a home anywhere. In most cases, home buyers don’t know exactly what they want in a home. This shouldn’t be the case. You should start by listing down everything you want in an Edmonton home to increase your chances of ending up with a home that suites you perfectly. For instance, do you want a home near a shopping mall or one that is accessible using major roads? Asking yourself such questions can go a long way in preparing you for a constructive house hunting mission in Edmonton.

Step 2: Asses your budget or financial capabilities

This is the next most important step to consider when you want to buy a house in Edmonton. Luckily, Edmonton has good homes in all price ranges. It is however important to assess your budget to avoid wasting time on homes you can’t afford to buy. Buying a home is a serious investment. You must avoid excesses at all costs to avoid plunging yourself into financial problems. A close assessment of your financial capabilities will reveal how much you can spend comfortably. It is advisable to consider foreclosed homes in Edmonton because they are more affordable and offer more since they are sold on distress.

Step 3: Hire experienced real estate experts like Results Today Inc

This is the next step to consider after you have decided how much you want to spend buying a house in Edmonton. You need experts who knows about the Edmonton real estate market inside out to be able to get the best real estate deal possible. Experienced real estate experts from Edmonton like Results Today Inc are the best placed real estate professionals to guide you when you want to buy house in Edmonton. These experts have a very extensive network of real estate stakeholders which comes in handy when you want to get insider information about certain properties, sellers e.t.c. Although experienced real estate experts may be expensive, their cost outweighs the benefits they will offer you in the entire buying process.

Step 4: Pre-qualify for a housing loan or a mortgage

Like most real estate markets in Canada, the Edmonton real estate market has very few cash buyers. You shouldn’t therefore worry if you can’t buy a home in Edmonton on a cash basis. Many Edmonton real estate developers and home owners are willing to accept payment plans, mortgages and home loans among many other forms of property payment plans. In case you are buying a home using a payment plan, consider starting your application process in time before you start negotiating with potential home sellers or property developers. This step is important in reducing the time taken to finalize property deals. Most home sellers are interested in seeing some form of financial commitment before they can consider getting into any deals. To avoid losing a house you like to another buyer, you must have your funding sources in order after you have identified homes you would like to buy.


In summary, the above Edmonton real estate buying guide is adequate enough to guide you on the right path if you are serious about buying a home in Edmonton. The above guide will help you plan ahead and identify unique aspects of Edmonton real estate. Once you are equipped with such information, you shouldn’t encounter problem buying house in Edmonton.

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