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Townhomes For Sale in Edmonton

Townhomes For Sale in Edmonton

4 Top Benefits Of Townhouses In Edmonton

There are very many misconceptions about townhouses i.e. they are glorified apartments with shared walls, they are full of restrictions imposed by homeowner associations, they aren’t ”real” houses e.t.c. From a potential home owner’s perspective, the above misconceptions are capable of stopping you from realising your dream of owning a home.

The most important thing is being able to separate the misconceptions, generalizations and biasness from the truth. For instance, not all townhouses are condominiums, and vice versa. A townhouse owner owns the small patch of land their townhouse sits on while condo owners own the airspace inside their condo only and not the land. Townhouses are therefore ideal for individuals who really treasure owning a piece of land however small.

Edmonton Townhomes For Sale

If you’re interested in finding out other townhouse benefits, look no further. Although all townhouses share common features, rules e.t.c., our focus in this article will be on Edmonton townhomes. Below are some of the top benefits home buyers should expect to enjoy when they buy townhomes in Edmonton.

1. You can be lazy and still have a nice yard
Although most townhomes including townhomes in Edmonton don’t come with huge outdoor spaces, you can be rest assured your yard will be taken care of throughout since this is the work of most Edmonton townhouse homeowners associations. This is one of the main benefits of townhomes over other kinds of homes. You might be faced by a number of restrictions set by homeowner associations however, you can bet on a well maintained yard thanks to the dues paid to the associations on a monthly basis.

It doesn’t stop there. Townhouse homeowner associations also go as far as repainting the exterior, planting flowers on your sidewalk, removing snow in your parking e.t.c. It is however important to note that there might be exceptions to the number of maintenance tasks done for homeowners. Most associations however prefer to maintain all yards for the sake of uniformity.

2. You never have to go out of your way for amenities
All new Edmonton townhomes for sale come with communal amenities like gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, laundry rooms, recreation rooms e.t.c. Homeowners don’t therefore need to go out of their way to get most amenities. Furthermore, these amenities are available for free or at very low charges. This saves homeowners a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been used paying for these amenities elsewhere.

3. Townhouse are cheaper than single-family or free-standing homes
Edmonton townhouses are generally cheaper to buy and maintain when you compare them with free-standing houses. This offers great savings for any potential home owner interested in exploiting any savings avenues. Although most people view service charges as unnecessary costs associated with townhouses, such charges come in handy when you have a yard that needs to be maintained, a driveway that is full of snow among other DIY jobs that are done by people who own regular homes. Townhouses generally offer everything regular houses offer and more i.e. fancy upgrades, environmental friendly appliances e.t.c. but you pay less for it because of the economies of scale used to construct townhomes. The shared costs also make townhomes cheaper.

4. Surveillance benefits
This is another top townhouse benefit you should expect to enjoy when you buy an Edmonton townhome. Unlike regular houses, townhouse owners get surveillance benefits from the community setting since everyone watches after the other. Townhouses therefore tend to have better security than regular homes where owners are solely responsible for their own security. The townhouse setting encourages people to know each other. This promotes better security since neighbours can watch after each other.

Security benefits aside, it is easier to get emergency help in a townhouse setting since there are always familiar people around the neighbourhood ready to attend to distress calls in case of fires, burglary, medical emergencies e.t.c. In a nutshell, there is always someone to help you out in a townhouse setting. You don’t need to incur huge costs installing the best security systems or hiring house sitters when you travel since your neighbours always keep an eye on your behalf.

In summary, the above benefits are the most notable when talking about townhomes. Although there might be many other townhouse benefits that aren’t mentioned above, the above benefits are adequate enough to guide you on the right path when you are looking for Edmonton townhomes for sale.

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